Bucket List… Sort Of

I had such a hard time with this!! I have been wanting to make a bucket list for years, but I always let my chronic illness hold me back with the belief that I couldn’t accomplish the majority of what I would want to because of my health. While my health definitely does restrict many things for me I have realized in writing this list that I still could accomplish so many things I love even if it takes a little tweaking and planning to be sure that I am safe in situations such as traveling. So I broke it down into things I could do without traveling, traveling I want to do that would take planning and preparations, and things I would love to do but realistically can not. Doing it this way showed me that the restricted list was a lot smaller than I thought. 

typewriter-1750268(Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels)

Bucket List Things I can Accomplish Without Travel

  • Buy a house with a wrap around porch and lots of room to grow plants
  • Have a room totally devoted to books and plants 

wrap around porch pic plants-in-vases-2069425

*(Resources of photos listed below)*

  • Create a nonprofit for people with Chronic Illness 
  • Buy a 1998 mustang and fix it up the way I want
  • Become a Master Herbalist (work in progress at the moment)
  • Write a book 
  • Go to a Pink Concert 


(Source Pink’s Instagram)

SHE IS MY FEMALE CELEBRITY CRUSH and in my eyes one of the most talented artists there is. If you haven’t heard her song Great Escape it’s a must!!!!

  • Learn Astrology
  • Create a Cannabis Company with my Husband (we have plans when the laws change) 


My Sister who is a highly talented artist created this logo for me. One day it will be on our products. Isn’t the future so exciting!! Visit her IG here.

Bucket List Things That Would Require Planning and Preparations but are TOTALLY DOABLE

  • See the grand canyon
  • See Niagra Falls 

*(Picture sources listed below)

  • Tennessee Vacation
    • Dolly wood
    • stay in a cabin
    • Ripley’s believe it or not
    • Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show
  • Spend a week in Hawaii with my husband in a beach bungalow with no internet or phone 


(Pic Resource)

  • Visit as many Botanical Gardens as I can 
  • Visit as many Observatories/Planetariums as I can

*(Pic Resources listed below)

  • Colorado:
    • Stay in a cannabis bed and breakfast
    • Go to a Real Dispensary
  • Eat real Italian food in Italy 
  • Travel to Paris

*(pic resources listed below)

  • Travel the country in a camper for a year with no set destination just go where ever
  • Go on a scenic train ride 
  • Meet Ellen DeGeneres 


I love her!!!!!!  (Pic from Ellen’s Instagram)

  • Go to a cannabis expo 
  • Take my kids on a day trip to dc to museum hop

Bucket List Things I Actually Can Not Do Because of My Health 

  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Hang Glide


BUT wouldn’t this view be amazing if I could!!!!

Do you have a bucket list? I would love to hear some of the things you’ve written on yours!!



  1. Plant Room Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels
  2. House with wrap around photo
  3. Grand Canyon Pic
  4. Niagara Falls Pic
  5. Italy Pic
  6. Paris Pic 



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